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to the alkaline lifestyle

More and more people are wishing to balance the opposite poles of a hectic everyday life and declare personal responsibility for their active lifestyle. A positive attitude towards life, balanced nutrition, time for oneself, being at peace with oneself, and love for oneself and one's fellow human beings are the determining values.

To be in balance means to be centered, to be in the middle, to breathe in the new and unfamiliar, to intensively perceive, to enjoy with all senses and to structure life thoughtfully.

Michael Droste-Laux combines his detox concept with certified natural cosmetics and thus offers a homogeneous alternative based on current basic medical research. With this unique combination, he occupies a special position both within conventional cosmetics and in the environment of natural cosmetics.

Kurt Tucholsky’s quote, “Everything is right, even the opposite” turns Michael Droste-Laux's previous and common theses on 'proper' body care on its head. With his development, his company wants to make a valuable contribution to the benefit of all involved and users.

Be invited to convince yourself and be welcome in a new phase of your life!

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