• Basisches Entsäuerungskonzept
  • Alkaline concept of deacidification
  • Concetto di disacidificazione
  • Concept de désacidification de base

alkaline idea/concept of deacidification

"The cell is immortal. It's just the liquid it floats in that degenerates”, we read as a quote from Dr. Alex Carrel."Do not look just at the blood, look at the cell milieu, the environment in which the human being lives", propagated Professor Alfred Pischinger. "Le microbe estrien, le terrain est tout," recognized Luis Pasteur. Dr. F. X. Mayr arranged the digestive processes and coined the phrase: "The acid is the cell poison par excellence".

The well-known picture of the late-mediaeval painter Lukas Cranach shows a fountain of youth. From the left side elderly people enter a basin with fresh spring water and leave after bathing on the right as young, beautiful and healthy people. Today, this image from 1546 provides spas and modern hotel facilities the basic idea of their existence, if they enhance themselves with the name "bath" or "spa". The Fountain of Youth represents a regained, heavenly light, anti-aging method and is more relevant than ever. In a world where time has gone by for cosmetic superficiality, this movement is finding more and more followers.

In the development of our detox products, we followed the scientific work of the above cited.