• Basisches Frühstück
  • Alkaline breakfast
  • Colazione basica
  • Petit-déjeuner alcalin

alkaline breakfast


Start your day with a warm breakfast. Droste-Laux alkaline breakfast gives you a rich base that lasts long without hunger.

According to analysis data, the mixture with the value -3.74 (mEq/100g) has a basic effect in the sense of the PRAL concept (Potential Renal Acid Load - potential kidney acid load). In general, in the cold state, grain contributes to the formation of acid. As cooked porridge, grain behaves as an alkaline, buffers acid and promotes excretion of toxins.

  • vegan
  • lactose free
  • sugar free
  • natural oatmeal with little gluten
Basisches Frühstück 02
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