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  • Basisches Edelsteinseife
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Alkaline gemstone soap



and their precious ingredients

Our alkaline gemstone soap with pine oil completely redefines the sophisticated art of boiling and interprets luxury soaps in a unique way . Olive oil forms the basis of the alkaline soap . In its composition, olive oil is almost equivalent to our subcutaneous fatty tissue. The Mediterranean oil convinces with a high nutrient content and thus provides the best conditions for skin care.

From the paradisiacally beautiful Alpine region of South Tyrol and from cones, needles and the wood of the pine we have our pure essential pine oil . Anyone who has had the pleasure of spending the night in a pine wood bedroom knows about the balsamic, warm scent that touches the soul and ensures a restful sleep. The aromas of stone pine stimulate the production of dopamine, which is responsible for the formation of happiness hormones. Also in this respect, our alkaline soap promotes mental balance and makes you happy!

With every body care with our alkaline gemstone soap you hold 70 million years of history in your hands. Nevertheless, from a geological point of view, Rügen healing chalk is a young rock, which formed with the drying up of the primeval sea. It consists of 98 percent calcium carbonate. The remaining two percent share magnesium, silicon, iron and other compounds. The fine-creamy structure and the pure white color predestine it as an ingredient in our soap. Rügen healing chalk stimulates the skin metabolism, has a decongestant, anti-inflammatory and improves the appearance of the skin. The connective tissue is deacidified and strengthened.

The addition of wheat protein favors the use of alkaline gem soap as a body and hair soap. Hot water, intense hair dryness and heavy brushing, sunshine and salt water set the hair. The hair is strained, shiny and powerless, has split ends and a damaged scale. Wheat proteins encase the hair with a protective film and smooth the roughened cuticle layer. The hair gets more elasticity, elasticity and a healthy structure.

In the dark, the common evening primrose unfolds its yellow flowers. The effective oil is derived from seeds rich in gamma-linolenic and linoleic acids. These two oleic acids are among the polyunsaturated omega-6 fatty acids and strengthen the lipid barrier layer of the skin. Several studies show a positive effect on dry skin and eczema.

The element silicon is a beauty helper par excellence and the main component of a healing stone from Switzerland. The mineral Silicea is not isolated in nature. The silicon content in the cells is the cause of the tension in the connective tissue and a good binding capacity of water. Sagging, dull and inelastic skin is well moistened and looks again firmer and more youthful.

Gems sparkle, blink, shine and exert an attraction on us. In all cultures, noble crystals made a connection between the visible and the invisible world. They come from eternity and point to eternity. They are never naked matter and transmit vibrations and stored information. The three gemstones aquamarine, rock crystal and rose quartz give our luxury soap its name. Our gemstone soap is about combining the targeted selection of material crystals with subtle possibilities. In the tender-soft lather, the molecules dance for a complexion of crystalline clarity and purity.

In classical Botany and Drug Science, there is the saponin plant group, which includes numerous known plants: birch, ivy, daisy, mullein, horse chestnut, cowslip, pansy, licorice and, not to forget, the soapwort . Finally, the botanical name saponaria officinalis points to the high content of saponin in this admirable medicinal plant. Saponins reduce the surface tension of liquids and form the foam from water and air. This dissolves and removes dirt particles that are washed away under running water.