• Basisches Sport Entsäuerungsbad
  • Alkaline sports deacid, bath
  • Bagno deacidificazione per lo sport
  • Bain de désacidification sportive

alkaline sports deacid. bath

Droste-Laux detox bath is registered as a medical device and was specially developed for athletes. Excess lactic acid can accumulate in the connective tissue and other tissues close to the joints, resulting in tension in the musculature known as muscle soreness.

Alkaline after-sport applications, especially in form of baths, promote the elimination of acids and accelerate regeneration after excessive physical effort. This process is additionally supported by the application of Rügen healing chalk, which has a therapeutically observable anti-inflammatory effect and a positive effect on the wound healing process (cell biological examination results Prof. Dr. Peter Dartsch, 2011).

The formula of Michael Droste-Laux is enriched with a complex of natural minerals and trace elements, as well as the three 'sporty' gemstones: dolomite, magnesite and rock crystal.

Gemstone treatments have also found their way into competitive sports and enhance corresponding traits. Here, the minerals contained, their chemical bonding and the atomic order, after which the crystals form, play a major role.