• Basisches Vital-Granulat
  • Alkaline-vital-granulate
  • Granulato basico
  • Granules vitaux de base


100% organic vitamins and minerals

Covers all vital substances required:

  • beauty from inside
  • high bioavailability
  • without preservatives
  • without colorings and flavors
  • without binder and heat treatment
  • all ingredients from certified organic farming DE-eco 013 EU-/non-EU agriculture

Michael Droste-Laux alkaline granulate is a food made from over 60 ingredients. The plant-based minerals, trace elements and vitamins are optimally absorbed by the organism. As a natural vital material supplier with phytochemicals and neutralizing enzyme systems (antioxidants), it prevents hyperacidity and promotes detoxification.

If you do not like it neat, creativity and experimentation will help. To preserve the temperature-sensitive ingredients, always use it in cold foods; never hot. The special food complies with raw food quality.

Sophisticated buffer systems regulate our acid-base balance, keeping blood pH constant and ensuring a smooth metabolism. In a balanced, full-bodied and largely vegetarian diet this works flawlessly. However, these clever buffer systems that neutralize acids are often overwhelmed because of the lack of natural, base-forming minerals.

DE-ÖKO 013 EU-/Nicht-EU-Landwirtschaft
DE-ÖKO 013