• Heidelbeer-Kräuter-Extrakt
  • Blueberry-herb-extract
  • Elisir Probiotico con mirtilli
  • Extrait d´herbes de myrtille avec des cultures d´;acide lactique


alkaline extract with lactic acid cultures

Beneficial for the stomach and intestinesThe intestine, as the largest organ in (the abdomen?) area, has a dual task: intake of food and excretion of used substances. The mucosa in the healthy small intestine has a basic pH of between 7 and 8.2, whereas acute pH values between 5 and 6 prevail in the large intestine. These pH-values are decisive for stable defenses, because in certain mucous membrane environments the nesting of unwanted germs and toxins is prevented. If the intestinal flora is intact, germs, bacteria, fungi and antigens have no chance. A healthy gut lives in harmony with digestive juices and bacteria.

People with chronic hyperacidity can have pH changes in the intestinal mucosa and their nature. As a result of an abnormal gut flora with fermentation and putrefaction, with constipation and self-poisoning (intoxication), is formed. Now, if the gut is our biggest immune organ, then in malfunction of the immune system, for example in an allergy, this organ is always involved.

Many factors determine which of the largely unknown types of bacteria live in what quantities within us, particularly the pH environment, our genes, antibiotics and our diet. Shift work and long-distance travel also influence the intestinal flora. The bacterial culture in the gut also determines whether we have a healthy digestion or not.

For centuries, fermented milk products have been used in a wide variety of crops. However, in traditional Chinese medicine (TCM), fermented herbal extracts are considered to be the most effective.

Michael Droste-Laux Blueberry Herbal Extract contains an extract of 12 herbs and is fermented under constant control for at least three weeks. This creates an optimal number of microorganisms.
The main fermentation product of Blueberry Herbal Extract is a herbal blueberry extract with probiotic lactic acid cultures and water as a carrier. Contained herbs, blueberries, turmeric root, ginger root, fennel seed, elderflower, verbena, sage leaves, thyme, oregano, anise seed, chamomile flower, nettle herb, juniper berries and black black pepper.

Blueberry Herbal Extract Application:
Our extract influences mucosal permeability and cellular transport mechanisms. Probiotic microorganisms have a regulating effect on the acid-base balance. They play a central role in the regeneration of the intestinal villi. Cells of the intestinal mucosa damaged by inflammation regenerate more quickly. The fermentation of sugar cane molasses, blueberries and medicinal herbs with probiotic lactic acid bacteria ensures improved absorption and utilisation of nutrients.

Blueberry herbal extract Directions and information:
Recommended consumption: 20 - 30 ml up to three times daily pure or mixed with 100 ml cold water or fruit juice. One consumption unit contains approx. 1 billion lactic acid bacteria cultures (1.2 x 109 cfu). Naturally cloudy; flocculation is harmless.
Digestif without alcohol after every main meal, lactose-free, no added colouring, flavouring or preservatives. Keep out of reach of children. Do not exceed the recommended daily dose. Food supplements should not be used as a substitute for a varied diet and a healthy lifestyle. Shelf life 4 weeks after opening if stored in a cool place.

Blueberry Herbal Extract Ingredients:
Water, sugar cane molasses*, probiotic lactic acid cultures, blueberries* (whole fruit frozen, 2% by volume), herbal mixture (2% by volume): turmeric root*, ginger root*, fennel seed*, elderflower*, verbena herb*, sage leaves*, thyme*, oregano*, anise seed*, chamomile flower*, nettle herb*, juniper berries*, black pepper*.
*from controlled organic cultivation

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