• Entsäuerungstee mit 7 Blüten
  • Deacidification tea with 7 blooms
  • Tisana deacidificante con 7 Fiori
  • Thé de désacidification aux 7 fleurs

deacidification tea with 7 blooms

to support the acid-base regulation

Most metabolic processes in the body work best when body fluids are slightly basic. The most important role is played by the kidneys because they excrete excess acid ions. 3-4 cups of detox tea everyday can reduce the pH of the urine. An increased amount of urine is particularly desirable for people prone to gout or urinary stones.

The rich colors of the flowers with their natural flavors flatter the sense of taste and emphasize its unusual pronounced character. The flower tea is reminiscent of a contemplative journey through the lavender fields of the Provence. It is processed by hand to preserve all the valuable substances that the flowers carry.

The flower tea shows a strong infusion. It has, as experts say, a 'seductive touch' and is a sweet greeting from the people who gave this tea all their care.