• Muskel-Entspannungsöl
  • Muscle relaxation oil
  • Olio essenziale di rilassamento muscolare
  • Huile de relaxation musculaire

muscle relaxation oil



This neat, natural, product is obtained through a classic distillation. It is registered as a medical device for headache and body aches. Depending on the application, the oil acts through mechanical heating or through evaporation cooling.

Application: For massage take a few drops on the palms and then rub the body parts. After, there is a cooling, relaxing and analgesic effect.

Therapists mix a few drops with their base oil or with our ayurvedic massage oil and massage the neck, back, thigh and so on. In this combination, a warming, soothing and circulation-promoting effect occurs.

For oral and dental care, add 2 drops daily to a glass of water then rinse and gargle.

Our Droste-Laux muscle relaxation oil consists of 15 different herbs. This neat natural product is obtained by a classical distillation. Depending on use, the oil acts through mechanical heating or evaporation cooling.