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Body care

Our appearance is significantly influenced by our largest organ: the skin. Skin care, vitality and health are today ideal and individual status symbols, which are replacing material values ​​in our industrial and performance society. The skin is the visible surface, our representative organ that expresses our lifestyle. It should not only radiate purity, clarity and warmth, but it should feel soft and supple.

While our skin has survived basic alkaline soap washing for centuries, with the widespread introduction of acidic and synthetic body care, hard times for our skin began. Against foreign substances, the organ defends itself. Dermatological practices are overcrowded, more and more people suffer from skin problems.

Everyone can choose which substances are allowed on his skin. We specialize in the production of natural, basic and regulative skin care. On each product you can read the ingredients used, because you should know what you care for your body. More transparency is not possible.