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alkaline (mouth) oil

Traditional oil pulling for oral and dental care

Michael Droste-Laux specially processed sesame oil with thyme and sage oil actively supports traditional oil pulling.

Traditional oil pulling for basic oral and dental care

Everybody knows it when getting up in the morning: dry oral mucous membranes or a bland, unpleasant taste in the mouth. Over 3000 years ago, people in India already knew how to help against this, as evidenced by the oldest Vedic scriptures.

Who announced the trend in oil pulling?

In the ancient writings of Ayurveda (Charaka Samhita) the tradition of oil pulling is described. In the Western world, the Russian doctor FedorKarach announced the method in the 90's. At a meeting of the Association of Oncologists and Bacteriologists, Dr. Karach pointed to an unusual healing process, which caused doubts because of its simplicity. By pressing and rinsing oil between the teeth and in the oral cavity, the self-healing process of cells, tissues and organs takes place.

After his original presentation, Karach recommended pure sunflower oil for an oil-drawing cure. In the morning, a tablespoon is rinsed around the mouth for 15-20 minutes and soaked through the teeth. Initially, the oil is golden yellow and viscous, but becomes thinner with increased rinsing time. The oil is then spat into a paper tissue, and the mouth should be rinsed thoroughly with warm water prior to brush your teeth. The spit contains bacteria, pathogens and toxins.

Double effect shortens oil pulling

Droste-Laux Natural Cosmetics, based on the teachings of the oldest natural medicine, Ayurveda, relies on the discharging properties of sesame oil. Specially prepared sesame oil also has an effect on the reflex zones of the tongue, whose surface is also assigned to different organs. This 'double effect' shortens oil drawing to 3 - 5 minutes. While this detox form is said to have a positive effect on many ailments and experiences, its effects on oral and dental health are well documented (Indian Journal of Dental Research 2011).

Oil pulling is scientifically recognized in dentistry

The results of the study show that during oil pulling emulsification and saponification of the oil takes place in the mouth, a mechanism that reduces cavity bacteria (Streptocoppusmutans) by about 30% and an alkaline effect that contributes to the deacidifying and disinfecting effect. In contrast to toothpaste, oil reaches all the gaps and gum pockets. After the morning ritual, it is best to take our alkaline toothpaste with gold, frankincense and myrrh. The most noticeable effects of alkaline oral and dental care products are the strengthening of the teeth, the end of bleeding gums and bright white teeth. Our mouth oil, made of seasoned and cold-pressed sesame oil is additionally mixed with natural pure thyme and sage oil. These aroma oils improve the taste, promote the circulation of the gums and thus support your dental health and oral hygiene. All oils used are from certified organic farming. Like our alkaline toothpaste, EcoControl GmbH's alkaline oral oil is certified to NCS Natural Cosmetics Standard, a standard of the Society for Applied Business Ethics.