• Basische Zahncreme
  • Alkaline toothpaste
  • Dentifricio basico
  • Dentifrice de base

alkaline toothpaste

with Dreikönigs-Gaben

The development of cavities and periodontal disease is a complex process involving both internal and external factors. The tooth damage by various types of sugars and carbohydrates is generally known.

 Less well-known, however, is that acidic saliva and acidic mucous membranes alter the bacterial flora of the mouth or shift the acid-base balance. Acid milieu promotes the demineralization of the gums (paradontosis), the removal of calcium from the teeth and attacks the natural tooth enamel. Acid-excessive mass-produced food, which is common in the western world, damages tooth enamel and promotes tooth damage.

 An intact acid-base balance, fully-fledged, mineral-rich, base-excess diet and thorough chewing are important prerequisites for your dental health. This is best supported by basic (non-acidic) dental care.