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Ink in the blood

At the end of the 1980s, Michael Droste-Laux began to write regularly for two specialist magazines on behalf of a pharmaceutical-drogistic wholesale partner. The target group included the owners or Branch operators of traditional drugstores and drugstore chains, perfumeries, pharmacies and health food stores and the specialist departments of department stores. From the beginning he cultivated a style of writing that was completely unusual in conservative trade newspapers at the time and whose reports often caused a sensation. Around the turn of the millennium he specialized in health topics and was a freelance author for an independent natural medicine journal and for a medical journal.

Michael Droste-Laux: "I still remember this time very well. Mostly I wrote on weekends and preferably at night when everything was asleep. If I could think of an original headline, the text flowed as if by magic alone. My old Triumph portable typewriter, which my uncle Fritz from Dormecke wisely bequeathed to me during his lifetime, forgave no typing errors whatsoever".

Only those who redefine boundaries can initiate developments

He was keen to hold up a mirror to the world of commerce with stories and metaphors. Like a court jester, Droste-Laux toyed with the privilege of redefining boundaries through the written word and calling things by their name, which no one else dared to do. In any case, in general and sometimes specifically through writing, he wanted to bring about change and accelerate or enable developments. Michael Droste-Laux had the freedom to do so in a generous liberal as well as social environment and enjoyed boundless trust. A business partner formulated it as follows prior to his transfer to the head of the Marketing & Public Relations Department: "We owe our image as a progressive company to his distinct sense of expression, coupled with an almost inexhaustible reservoir of inventiveness and linguistic wit, his original and unconventional methods, his social commitment and his personality."

Michael Droste-Laux knows the media world

Because Michael Droste-Laux knew various markets and numerous movers and shakers, managers and opinion leaders in the beauty, cosmetics and pharmaceuticals sectors very well, it was all too logical that he ended up one day on the editorial board of a respected trade magazine in Munich. He participated in press conferences, visited and portrayed local companies and retailers, wrote independently, freelance and put together photos and texts for a report on the PC. As a druggist and marketing merchant, Michael Droste-Laux was able to gain experience in the media world as a full-time editor, which he would not want to miss.

Free journalism must never be bought

Michael Droste-Laux: "I am always aware of who writes, always manipulates, transmits his thoughts and makes them accessible to a broad public. Objectivity cannot exist at all; it was and is relative and depends on the author's subjective view. The nib may well be dipped into an inkwell full of emotion, passion and lovable, cheeky bite. What remains decisive for me is that free journalism must never be corrupted, bought and brought into line by politics, business, organisations and lobbyists. Rather, he has the social, cultural and legal mandate to follow his own dictates in responsibility and diversity (instead of simple-mindedness)".

Book author for the renowned Knaur publishing house

 In 2013 the renowned publishing house Droemer Knaur, Munich, contacted Michael Droste-Laux. Their research had shown that he wrote pretty good texts and brought complex contexts to the point in a comprehensible way. Consequently, his first book Das Säure-Basen-Erfolgskonzept was published in February 2014. There has been a paperback edition of this long seller (over 25,000 copies sold) since 2019. In between followed in October 2015 together with the most sought after health topics Ayurveda and Schüßler salts a compendium with the title Säure-Basen-Coach.

His book Gift auf unserer Haut is available from mid-2016. It is the first book on the connection between cosmetics and acidification.

With his daughter Pia-Maria Laux as co-author, he realized a completely new format in May 2020, both in terms of content and appearance. The all-round feel-good book Auszeit für die Haut for women 25 + presents all natural methods for beautiful and healthy skin. A novelty is that acid-base regulation, the meridian system, digitalization and textiles on the skin are discussed together in the context of skin health.