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Business philosophy? At the thought of putting something on paper, my head initially refused. What should I write about, where I publicly "philosophized" for many years in specialist magazines on various topics of trade? Philosophy ... yes, today it is a 'must have' for every company, even more if this company operates in the 'alternative market'. So we read standardized in glossy recycled paper brochures of inflationary terms such as sustainability, wholeness, Lohas, (what the hell are Lohas?) Anti-aging, without parabens, without silicones, without ... you smell the rat, right? That's right; it does not correspond in any way to our philosophy of emphasizing matters of course as peculiarities. Of course, no company, no brand, no culture can shape a matter of course. Yes, of course we have a medical registration, a bio and natural cosmetics certification.

We have several USPs. What, please? USP?Sure: Unique Selling Proposition, product features that no one else has. There is no alternative to our products. The qualities in the form of cooperation skills, perceptions and willingness to change do not appear in any balance sheet, in any profit and loss account, not even in any national accounts. Nevertheless, they are the actual determining and supporting factors. We also understand the cooperation of the unconscious, the cooperation of the Divine Spark.

What is the Divine Spark? You know exactly, because you have encountered it a thousand times when snapping your fingers. At such a moment, when the belly sends the solution to the head, it actually sparks. There is a mind outside the rational or digital, a tacit, intuitive mind. Call it what you will. We cannot talk about the intuitive in arguments. The mind cannot find arguments for the reason of the heart. We rely on this reason of the heart, the foundation of which is ethics. A culture of mutual trust enables opportunities for shared intuitions.

It is a prerequisite for a business relationship with us. We will only enter into business with which we culturally identify.Ultimately, the question is what really creates joy among people? What enables joy that lasts beyond the day and involves others in the long run? This is not about the 'loud' joy that depends on the constant 'want to have', but about the joy of life that comes from the heart. The question of what we need to live and what we spend our money on is an old one. In the prophet Isaiah we can read, "Why do you pay money for that which is not bread, and sour earnings for that which does not satisfy?" (which brings us back to our core competence, acid-base balance) Especially with an almost unmanageable range of goods and almost limitless choice, it is worth thinking about what we really need.Or better: Ask your stomach, your inner voice, what is indispensable bread and what actually fills you up.If you have read this far sympathetically, we are convinced that you understand what we mean. You will not miss any corporate principles, knowing that those bound to written laws may be closed to a new insight. "Thou shalt not write down thy principles, lest thou be their prisoner for ever ..."