• Biographie und Philosophie
  • Biography and Philosophy
  • Biografia e filosofia
  • Biographie et philosophie

Biography and Philosophy

Biography and philosophy are meaningful words that temporarily divide our lives into past, present and future as well as ask questions about our life content and its purpose. Bio-Graphy means to write down life and Philosophia means love for wisdom. We humans want to understand life and look for explanations.
Why am I living in this place in the world today in this epoch? What are my roots and why did I choose this path? What if I had decided otherwise?

He who writes down his life gets to know others better and often understands connections and the importance of the resulting development steps. The future cannot be created only with internal reflection and its results, however the confrontation with ourselves can show us what we can become. The love of wisdom gives structure to our lives, the logic of thinking correctly and the ethics of doing the right thing. In this spirit, every human being can find an answer to the meaning of his life.