• SHE.TOX Basisches Entsäuerungsbad
  • SHE.TOX alkaline deacid bath
  • SHE.TOX Bagno deacidificazione

SHE.TOX alkaline deacid. bath

strengthen your natural self-regulation

Our way of life today is characterized by an unbalanced diet, lack of exercise and stress. Hyperacidity of the body, faded skin and a weak connective tissue are the result. If the connective tissue and its fascia is permanently loaded with an excess of acid, the tissue is hardened by deposits.

 SHE.TOX is a holistic, natural detox approach that actively supports skin self-regulation. Your skin as a representative organ exudes purity, clarity and warmth. It feels soft and supple as it is only possible because of an alkaline lifestyle and body care.